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Media Marketing & Lead Generation Program for Advisors


Your one-time set-up fee of $2995 Includes:


-A 30 second ABLTC focused TV commercial customized with your co-authored book cover & contact information for additional lead generation and branding of YOU as the ABLTC expert in your area. Includes custom insert with broadcast & vertical INSTAGRAM formats.


-A 60 second ABLTC focused Radio commercial with topics like Alzheimers, Annuity, Veterans, or custom version available. With custom insert voiced by you that brands YOU as the ABLTC expert in your market.


-Virtual or In-Studio (St.Louis) recording of your TV & Radio voiceover inserts. (Local market or on-location studio available for "on-camera" insert in your TV commercial. Additional fee(s) required)


-Includes 12-Months of Media Consultation & Research in your area/market to determine best TV/Radio/Digital solutions for your media placement and/or Lifestyle TV show appearance.


-Includes 12-Months of Media Scheduling & Buying of your media and/or interview on a local Lifestyle TV show to tell YOUR STORY! (Based on market availability)


-Our team works with the local TV Station Lifestyle Show producers to provide segment introduction & leading questions for your interview. (Based on market availability)


-You’ll receive a customized ”B-Roll” video reel to use during your interview with specific long-term care footage to help emphasize your message and interview answers. (Based on market availability)


-For Lifestyle TV appearance, you’ll have a Zoom coaching session with veteran media specialist Jim Modglin to prepare for your success! Including tested interview questions & follow-ups.



*The Lifestyle TV & Co-Authored Book Marketing & Lead Generation program does not include the TV or radio advertising costs or station apperance fee(s). Please consult with your IMO prior to purchase to determine the addtional costs of the advertising.


**All services of the Lifestyle TV & Co-Authored Book Marketing & Lead Generation program are non-refundable. 


***Lifestyle Shows are not available in all TV markets and on all TV stations. Please consult with your IMO prior to purchase.

Simplicity Advisor Media Marketing Program

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