Lifestyle TV Marketing & Lead Generation Program


Your one-time set-up fee of $2497 Includes:


-Research of your area/TV market to determine best TV station & lifestyle show for your interview.


-Scheduling of your 3 to 5 minute interview on a local Lifestyle TV show to tell YOUR STORY!


-Our team works with the local TV Station Lifestyle Show producers to provide leading questions for your interview.


-You’ll receive a customized ”B-Roll” video reel to use during your interview with specific long-term care footage to help emphasize your message and interview answers.


-You’ll have a 30-Min Zoom coaching session with veteran media specialist Jim Modglin to prepare for your success! Including tested interview questions & follow-ups.


-You’ll co-author a LTC focused book with perennial Million Dollar Advisor Don Quante!


-You’ll receive a 30 second LTC focused TV commercial customized with your co-authored book cover & contact phone number for additional lead generation and branding of YOU as the LTC expert in your area.



*The Lifestyle TV & Co-Authored Book Marketing & Lead Generation program does not in